ILLSLICK‘s uncharted meteoric rise to the top of Thailand’s underground is a journey few could have predicted, not even ILLSLICK himself. With his unique style, a fusion of R&B, hip hop and Thai influences,   he quickly rose to the top of Youtube and viral charts with standout hits such as “I Need a Girl (Remix) feat. KK Thaikoon” and “ใจร้าย (Jai-Ry) feat. Twopee Southside”.

From humble beginnings in Chiang Mai, Thailand, he first created a name for himself in 2006 as an Audio Battle standout. It wasn’t long before he released his own mixtape, “ILLSLICK Fixtape Vol. 1“, with immediate buzz across Thailand. 2011′s “ILLSLICK Fixtape Vol. 2 – Livin’ Legend” only further cemented his name, with his official music video releases gathering over a million Youtube plays each. The undeniable success of his third “Fixtape” release, “ILLSLICK Fixtape Vol. 3” has proved to the doubters his staying power in the underground.


Agency: Bang Baht

Phone: +66 8 9569 1088


The artist

Nationality: Thailand

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