KK Thaikoon

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KK ProfileIn the small but fast-growing landscape of Thai rap, few names hold as high regard as KK Thaikoon. His innovative word play and ability to speak to the youth with his distinguishable voice has earned him the admiration of thousands. With such a reputation, it is no wonder why so many fans of true Thai hip hop easily place KK within their top 5 artists for the genre.

KK first grabbed the attention of fans of Thai hip hop as a member of Bad Brothers, an underground Thai-American rap group. KK served as both rapper and producer for the group. A chance meeting in Thai Town (Hollywood, California) led to KK co-founding Thaikoon, a Thai-American hip hop collective.

As a member of Thaikoon, KK spearheaded much of the group’s debut album and subsequent mixtape projects.

KK found himself in high-demand for collaborations with other Thai artists, big and small, which served to only heighten his status as one of Thailand’s premiere artists.

After successful tours with Thaikoon and the like, KK continued his individual success with the release of his solo single “Dek Rap.” To this day he continues to inspire Thai rappers with his ferocious flow and wordplay.

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