N-A-Double-T Thaikoon

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n a double t nattN-A-Double-T is a member of Thai-American hip hop collective Thaikoon. Known for his rapid-fire delivery, N-A-Double-T has contributed to a number of Thaikoon’s successful singles as well as their mixtapes.

N-A-Double-T was a member of “Dek North”, a Los Angeles-bred Thai rap group, when he, along with his Dek North members Big P and Karmanize, formed the L.A. Thai-Town supergroup Thaikoon. In Thaikoon, N-A-Double T easily stood out as the “fast rapper.” Growing up listening to the flow structures of notable acts such as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Twista, N-A-Double-T came into his own with a style that had yet to be popularized in Thai rap.

N-A-Double-T remains true to his style to this day, always ready to burn a verse with his quick rhyme schemes.

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